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Looking for a custom project?

Although we love and appreciate your enthusiasm and support, unfortunately we’re not able to take on custom projects at this time. Each laser cut art piece takes a great deal of time to create. I start with the initial idea and a pencil drawing, next comes recreating the artwork in digital form along with many edits and revisions, then creating in 3D and setting up all files for either the CNC machine, 3D printer or laser cutter, sometimes all three! The last step is the actual creation of the piece, each one being created with great care and detail. It’s only by offering limited editions that makes this process viable and keeps the pricing affordable. To create a one off piece would increase the cost significantly. Hopefully you’ll find something you love in the gallery pages, and if not, don’t hesitate to reach out as I only list a few of the pieces I’ve made here. You never know, I may have what you’re looking for in my studio! Also, check back often as I’m always creating new pieces.