Tangled Heart II
11 x 14 inches framed
mixed media on paper
$185 CDN with frame + tax

Enquire at helen@armyofevilrobots.com or message me on facebook @helen.platt.studio or on instagram @helen.platt.art

I created this series for Valentine’s day but do we really need a day to say how we feel? 21 years ago on Valentine’s day, Derek and I had only been together for a month and a half. I was never really into Valentine’s day or teddy bears holding red satin hearts etc. I printed out a medical photo of a human heart and drew a crayon arrow through it and made a card from it. I guess he liked it because he stuck around! That memory inspired this series (the rest of the series can be found in the Laser Cut Gallery)

The text in the piece reads “I love thee, I love but thee! With a love that shall not die, Till the sun grows cold, And the stars are old” From Bedouin Love Song by Bayard Taylor

Price does not include tax or shipping.